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Alaska Cruise with Toddlers - Aboard the Celebrity Millenium

An Alaska cruise with the kids is a family trip of a lifetime! hands down this has to have been our favorite trip with Valentina so far. It was not only beautiful and made lifelong memories but we also had truly a smooth sailing experience with Celebrity Cruises. Besides the fun she had at Camp at Sea, the excursions we had as a family were so enriching, and spotting wildlife was so much fun! Inside the cruise, I loved how welcome the children were, and danced, sang, and truly enjoyed each other.

We had our 3-year-old daughter with us and our friends had their two kids aged 3 and 4. We all agreed it was the best trip we have had with our kids ever!

Our top reasons why we loved our cruise with a toddler:

1. Excursions! Every day there is something for kids to be included that they don't know they are learning but they are. We chose whale watching, bear searching, and crab fishermen's tour. We also picked to bring her along and then take her back to the ship to let her enjoy the camp the rest of the day while we explored the towns. It was the best of both worlds.

2. Everything is learning, everyone is teaching them! Some things might be new, crabs can be scary up close, and the cold definitely was a shock for our beach babe, but it was all an amazing, beautiful growing experience! Plus all of the bears, whales, fish, and incredibly interesting interaction with animals was so much fun and a better learning experience than any classroom can offer. She also laughed so much and learned seagulls will eat your breakfast if you aren't watching! Also with all of the cultures, nationalities, and people from all over the world and of all ages, every day is an incredibly immersive and beautiful learning experience.

3. Have fun with food! How often do we try to get kids to try something new? How many times do we have to tell them not to order something since we know they won't finish it? I loved being able to introduce Valentina to new foods, having servings as small or big as needed, and choosing what to offer. I also loved being able to say yes every time she wanted to have something! It was such a fun "YES" vacation without the guilt. Want ice cream? YES! Let's have 4 kinds of cake today. YES!

4. Dance and sing with the parents! Think about it, when will you actually get a chance to take your kids to a club without it being weird? On the cruise, there is almost always live music being played with an opportunity to dance, sing, and even karaoke with the kids. Take those barriers down and have fun! We loved doing a dance party right after dinner every night.

5. Camp At Sea - The only fully customizable kids cruise program with over 500 activities to participate in. From arts and recreation to science and technology making sure every kid feels entertained and engaged during the family cruise. They also partnered up with STEAM, which offers exclusive activities and events that will engage, entertain, and inform kids on varying topics such as marine wildlife, ecological conservation, and nautical exploration.

We have NO doubt we will cruise again with the kids, it was so enriching and fun. Our particular route was Seward Alaska to Vancouver.


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