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Santorini Dreaming

Greece is amazing! Santorini blew our minds and took our hearts. I recommend the Astarte Suites as a place to stay but definitely spend time in Oia.

A little note on my thoughts about our hotel: As you approach the hotel there is a feeling of entering paradise, the steps going down into the hotel are beautifully decorated with wild flowers growing from each side while the blue sea is in front of you and the breeze of the ocean feels your every breath. ……

The family will welcome you as you enter the reception making you feel partly at home partly in a different world. Every room in the hotel is a suite, all with indoor beautiful jacuzzi’s and private terraces that will make you reconsider twice ever leaving this place.

Its signature view of the volcano can be appreciated from every angle of the premises and the infinite pool makes you feel connected to the deep blue ocean. The soft lounge music playing throughout the hotel makes you feel in a constant dream. It is impossible to feel stressed.

Breakfast is served daily on your own private terrace at whatever time you desire before 11:00am, no rush, no timelines. The gorgeous restaurant over looking the caldera serves food all throughout the day allowing you to relax and pick your own meals time.

Beauty is everywhere on the island. Oia is a short taxi ride away and has breathtaking views that come straight out of a greek island story.

The Mediterranean beauty of this hotel is incomparable, you have the typical blue doors, white walls and smiling faces. Highly recommended as a honeymoon stay or a little escape.

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