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The Rainbow Island - Burano, Italy!

When visiting Venice don't forget to pay a visit to the most colorful place on earth 🎨

But picturesque homes isn't all what Burano has to offer. The food here is exquisite, seafood is fresh and the pasta is home made! Our Favorite place is called Trattoria da Romano. It's salted fish was amazing and we had some incredible soft shell crabs. The delicious wine from the region that was suggested by our server (after the 3rd bottle I must confess I forgot it's name) complimented the food perfectly!

Legend says that the island’s fisherman were the first to paint their houses in bright colors 🎨, so they could see them while they were out fishing ⚓️.

I can't even begin to explain what it feels to walk down these tiny colorful alleys!

Don't forget to pick up some lace while in #Burano. Leonardo da Vinci himself visited to shop for cloth 🃏

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