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My New York unique adventures

What can I say about New York that the greatest writers, poets and singers haven't already?

I have been here many times and this post will be about some of my favorite spots, one cannot share all of course, a lady should always have her secrets ;)

To start off with I recommend allowing yourself enough time to see the big apple. There is no neighborhood like the other and they all deserve at least a small peek. My favorite areas to walk around are: Central Park (duh!) Upper East side, Midtown, Gramercy and the West Village. I also recommend you jump on a train and go check out Williamsburg in Brooklyn. There is so much beautiful street art and great views of the New York Skyline. I must say some of my best photos are shot from there.

Williambsurg Street art:


Inside the Gramercy Park:

Enjoying the sunrise in front of the UN building

For this quick trip I visited a historic hotel that is both exclusive and welcoming at the same time. It is also located right in the heart of the city, steps from Broadway theaters and the city’s media and financial giants: The Chatwal hotel. With it's chic entrance this luxury collection hotel who was voted one of the top 10 hotels in NY makes you enter a mini oasis as soon as that kind doorman welcomes you in. They have a wonderful Red Door Elizabeth Arden Spa where your feet will be extremely thankful to get some pampering after a heavy day of walking the city. If not time at least be sure to check their indoor Jacuzzi and pool and soak your worries away. We were also lucky enough to enjoy a delicious dinner at their restaurant called “The lambs Club” where famous Chef Geoffrey Zakarian delighted us with a modern twist on American cuisine.

Be sure to visit a museum or two.. My top are the Moma and the Met (pictured here)

Another must do in NY if you can is the Halloween parade. It isn't only for children, the costumes and energy of the place is so contagious ….Put on your dream costume and go parade around! Nothing is too wacky or out of place!

Here we are with New York's firemen me dressed up as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Don't miss a Broadway show! As annoying as Times Square can be, visiting Broadway and watching a show there is a bucket list goal one should never miss out on.

One last thing you should try getting in as a tourist is the empire state cruise. If the weather permits take a nice sailboat tour around the island at sunset and enjoy views of the city that are impossible any other way.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and some of my tips!

Best times to go: Fall and Spring for the nature foliage and weather. Winter for the decorations and Christmas feel. Summer... I say try to avoid as it becomes packed and sweaty.

Things to remember: Walking slowly in New York at rush hour is like walking head into traffic. New Yorkers have a casual walk and a business walk. Do not try and slow down to take a picture in front of anyone during rush hour. Step aside and let the traffic flow. New Yorkers can also be the nicest people ever if approached nicely. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that are preferably trendy looking. New Yorkers like to dress well. Enjoy and embrace the energy!

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