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A Proper and Luxury Pampering Spa in the Heart of London

Without a doubt, the best facial I ever had! Lifting, aromatic and rejuvenating, it was an amazing experience all-around.

As you walk through the door, you can feel the soothing effect of the Illuminata spa. The music, light and scents transport you from the hustle and bustle of London to an oasis of peace and comfort.

My friend Farah and I were warmly welcomed and taken to our rooms. After we changed into our luxurious soft robes and comfy slippers, we were offered some tea. While this might sound simple, not being hurried into a massage table helps put your mind into a "spa state" of relaxation.

As the Londoners ran outside in the cold chilly December air trying to finalize their Christmas shopping, we were inside a cocoon of warmth and comfort.

Before our treatments, we were offered a Jasmine steam with rose oil scrub that was out of this world. I am not usually one for long sauna duration but the temperature here wasn't suffocating; it was just right. We spent 15 blissful minutes inside.

We were then taken to our rooms for our facial treatments. My therapist wasn't only courteous and insightful when I asked questions about the treatment, but she was also perfectly respectful of my much beloved "quiet time". It was a great balance.

I was given a Darphin Expert Eight Flower Facial which uses unique massage techniques that tone, tighten and lift facial contours, while divinely scented active formulas infuse the skin with age-defying and radiance boosting ingredients. It was exactly what the doctor ordered!

I walked out of there feeling as if I am on cloud 9, but the shock I truly felt was when looking in the mirror. I honestly looked so much younger! I don't consider myself an old looking person but my skin was different. Apart from the wonderful glow, it felt and looked rejuvenated. It felt magical. I asked my friend Farah and she absolutely loved her therapy session as well. She was pampered with a 3D Skintech facial that offers a top-range treatment for all skin types, and includes cleansing, diamond microdermabrasion, mesotherapy as well as skin tightening radio frequency. She also came out walking on clouds!

We both had such a wonderful day at Spa Illuminata and would truly like to thank the wonderful staff for a fabulous experience. We will be sure to come back!

Valentine's day is also around the corner.. hint hint to the husbands? ;)

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