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From Nada to Prada Interview blogger

I am here with guest blogger Cherie. She is going to share some insight and tips from her fabulous nomad life!

Hi Cherie! What do you prefer? Plane, train, boat or car when traveling?

Funny you ask because I’m about to write a post about why one should opt to take the train over plane when traveling in Europe. Obviously, I prefer the plane for the long haul flights and for getting somewhere quicker. However, I prefer the train for the convenience, comfort, scenery and for traveling across Europe :)

What trends do you foresee in travel for 2017?

Price and value. As a seasoned traveler, I’m always looking for more bang for my buck. While I love staying in luxurious accommodations, I don’t love breaking the bank. So I believe a trend we’ll be seeing if not already is the industry having to adjust to customer’s perception of price vs value and how to maintain the value of a hotel without lowering prices.

What has been your favorite trip so far and why?

I have a feeling I have yet to take them as 2017 is gearing up to be a year of phenomenal travel and it’s only March! But looking back, my favorite trips have always been where my heart lies, the south of France. I feel like in a past life I was French and spent my days luxuriating and basking in the French Riviera sun. :) Plus, my other world, Show Business, is celebrated there every May (Cannes Film Festival) so business & pleasure is very much present there. My business is my pleasure :)

How do you ensure you are a good "traveler not tourist" when traveling?

I actually hate doing touristy things and am insist that I either hang with locals or research local hangs. When I do decide to do tourist activities, I make sure to choose days when the crowd is tolerable, haha.

What are the best travel credit/debit cards in your opinion?

I am loving my Capital One Quicksilver Card and my Chase Sapphire card. I highly recommend them both. Massive benefits from both including but not limited to: cash back, travel and auto insurance, travel points/dining points that can be transferred to airline miles programs, fraud protection, etc.

Seeing as I don’t have travel insurance and rent cars all the time, having these credit cards on me are real handy!

Which is better, aisle or window? and why?

I like window simply so I have access to the restroom easier! Is that silly or what? I hate waking up other people.

And finally any advice for our readers?

Go for your dreams like your life depends on it. Be the squeaky wheel and absolutely go for the jugular. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I hope my website & brand message lights a fire under your ass to live the life you’ve always dreamed of and opens you up to the eye opening world of travel. It’s the most humbling experience.

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