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QC Terme Spa Milano - Review

Right in the heart of a city, behind tall roman walls lays an oasis in the form of a spa.

After a day in the fast paced city of Milan and your feet are tired, this is the place to come decompress and revitalize yourself. QC Terme Milano is a place completely dedicated to well being.

They have various spas, swimming pools, saunas, waterfalls, buffet and of course champagne!

If you're there for lunch there's a very healthy buffet included with fruits, vegetables, yogurt and all sort of teas...but do not worry, you can order also sushi or pasta if you're particularly hungry!

Ever been on a room made entirely of salt?

An outdoor sauna inside a tram!

Receiving the thermal water blessings with open arms:

Walking outside and into their steamy hot pools gives you the feeling of being among 'the Romans' and their baths.

The water invigorates the tissues, stimulates the circulation and relaxes the muscles. Transported back in time you forget you are in the middle of town. All you can hear is the bubbles and all you can see is the pristine waters among the ancient Spanish walls. For me, this was a perfectly blissful moment.

On the first floor one can find the exclusive massage rooms where I was pampered beyond belief. I left after my hour long massage walking on clouds. QC Terme also has four relaxing rooms are inspired in the four elements (air, water, land, fire). Here I am in a relaxing cocoon:

Overall I can say it was a wonderful experience. Between the extraordinary service, fantastic massage and tons of amazing amenities I would I could visit QC Terme Milano every day! I look forward to visiting their many other locations around Italy. What is Your favorite Spa in the world? Be sure to leave a comment below.

For bookings and more details visit their website at

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