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Where to eat near Castello Sforzesco Milan

We have a rule when traveling not to eat near tourist attractions as restaurants tend to be overpriced and quality seems lack. However, we got quite the surprise when we visited Farinella in Milano.

With a beautiful view of the Sforza castle and its fountains, warm welcoming staff it was already a delight from the beginning. The atmosphere was relaxed and there was everything from happy families to couples on a date night. It was a great summer night homey feel.

The food of course, main reason we were there was truly a surprise! Everything homemade, and we felt transported to Naples with every bite we took.

From the fresh burschetta starters to the salt fish we couldn't get enough of their delicious dishes. Be also sure to also leave room for dessert, as the typical Napolitan Baba was one for the books!

We tend are picky as we travel down to the Naples area often but we were truly impressed with the food quality and the great value for money.

We also love that they have various locations around Italy and can't wait to try them out on our next adventure!

Grazie Farinella Family!

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