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A magical stay at Villa Matarazzo Hotel

With over 30,000 sqm of space it felt like we were the only guests in the place (even when a whole wedding party was going on!) and my little fur baby and family had the most pleasant experience.

Temperatures rise in the summer, so even though the breeze here is much better than down by the beachside towns the pool is kept at a delicious temperature! So I got to swim every day and tan without sweating.

Their food is out of this world! There is only breakfast provided but it is plenty! They really don't hold back. Fresh fruits, gluten free products, handmade pies, it was endless and delicious!

With the castle nearby we had a full cultural experience as well, Gradar castle offered many different lunch and dinner places that we got to enjoy while our stay there.

I also have to talk about the staff... So helpful, so kind and truly warm. Every morning they would welcome us with a smile, would remember what we liked to drink and had a kind gesture towards my puppy, it felt like home! In the end none of us wanted to leave!

We would go back in a heartbeat! We loved every minute of our stay and we cannot recommend this hotel enough. If you are looking for a tranquil setting with lush green gardens and beautiful ocean views look no further than Villa Matarazzo Hotel!

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