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Artistic and unique Alexander Museum Palace Hotel

Are you a modern art lover? Enjoy the beach, sun and clear blue water? I have a place for you!

Unique ocean front hotel with every single room being a different art piece making you feel as if you are walking into a painter's imagination. Even touring the bedroom doors was incredibly fun! If you follow my adventures on Instagram, you probably saw stories on it's awesome doors, from 3D pieces to colorful paintings.

The hotel's entrance sets the pace for what there is to expect. A swing hanging from the ceiling, bright red couches and artwork from floor to ceiling. The main lobby is beautiful. All white, with wooded floors, huge windows that over look the ocean and tastefully decorated with modern sculptures. I spent more time here than I ever had in a hotel lobby, it was so welcoming, peaceful and classy with a touch of eclectic!

The staff is welcoming and warm, answered all of my million questions and where always ready with a warm smile to greet us and my puppy. We won't forget this and appreciate it!

This is also the restaurant area where we enjoyed a generous buffet. It is hard to find such a plentiful and generous breakfast in Europe and this was truly impressive! From fresh fruits to different cheeses and hams to even lots of vegetarian and vegan options!

We were lucky to have two different rooms and got to experience two different kinds of art works. It was a unique and wonderful experience and truly recommend it to all of our readers!

We look forward to our next visit to the Alexander Museum Hotel

For bookings contact: or call their number with friendly staff at +39721 34441

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