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What is the best hotel option in the Amalfi Coast?

Benvenuti a Maiori!

I am sitting in this corner of paradise with Mr. Imperato. The director of Pietra de Luna hotel, the second largest hotel of the Amalfi Coast and my particular favorite. It has a big hotel amenities but with a small personalized hotel feel. We have already visited twice, once during the slower season in late early April and another during the highest season in September. Both we felt treated like royalty and not pushed around and we felt like the hotel was being constantly upgraded. It was a pleasure to experience.

Let's learn a bit more about it!

How many years have Pietra di Luna been opened?

Mr. Imperato: The Pietra di Luna Hotel was opened on the 1° of June 1973. The project was the idea of the two brothers, Giovanni e Raffaele Cocomero. As the major event of that time was the landing on the moon, the name “Pietra di Luna” (Moon stone) was chosen. And the panels covering the pillars of the reception, the bar and the lobby, were modelled reproducing the moon surface. The hotel is still owned by the Family Cocomero, is privately run, and the focus is “To provide hospitality to tourists and visitors of the Amalfi Coast, from all over the World, with a local flair, a smile and the aim of meeting guests expectations.

What kind of renovations have you done to it lately?

The Pietra di Luna Hotel, since April 2014, when I took over the management of the Hotel, is undergoing trough a refurbishment master-plan that develops on three points.

The renovation of all the en-suite bathrooms is carried out trough the seasonal closure, between November and March. A good number of bathrooms have already been realized. The second is to completely refurbish some double rooms, that will incorporate close by single rooms and will become Deluxe Double Room, with high technology, direct internet access, a large bathroom with Jacuzzi bathtub, walk in shower and double vanity. 4 of this room type have been recently completed and are ready to host our guests. Now we are working on the third point, that will be realized between November 17 and March 18.

PS: I can attest to this room being amazing! It was a truly "smart" room, all great amenities and the best bathtub I have ever seen!

What sets Pietra di Luna apart from other hotels in the area?

The Pietra di Luna Hotel enjoys one of the best locations on Maiori long beach and promenade. Slightly set back from the Amalfi Drive, offers a large swimming pool, a private beach, just opposite the hotel, and parking space and garage, providing easy parking to all the guests. The location, in a quiet residential area, only 200 meters from Maiori centre, provides tranquillity and hassle-free stay. All the double rooms have an equipped balcony, with view of the sea, and provide the ideal setting to relax and to unwind for the lazy ones that will not venture out of the hotel.

Tell us about the different amenities and activities Pietra de Luna offer for international guest.

The Pietra di Luna Hotel, in addition to all the facilities and services mentioned above has also, on the ground floor, a Restaurant (Ristorante Mediterraneo), that enjoys a panoramic view of the promenade and the sea. The dishes served find their inspiration in the Mediterranean cuisine and their preparation and processing is made respecting the culinary tradition of the Amalfi Coast. Our chef’s work is carried on with the utmost attention to the basic principle of the Mediterranean cuisine, "eat well, but above all enjoy healthy eating". From this year, in addition to the “à la carte menu” and the daily “Chef’s Suggestion”, special “Themed Dinners”, have been introduced and are proposed every week. The menus of these Special Themed Evenings have been carefully selected and elaborated from historic and traditional regional or local events. On some special occasion, in cooperation with wine producers, there is a wine tasting before dinner. Every dinner is accompanied with typical Neapolitan music.

What is next for Pietra di Luna hotel?

Continue our mission in welcoming guests and trying to deliver the best service in order to let them enjoy their holiday. Our long-established team, (some members of the staff, have been at the Pietra di Luna over 30 years), is very motivated and as we all, consider our Hotel a Theater, where the play changes every day, but our constant thread, is “Meeting Guests Expectations”

We thank you for your time Mr. Imperato , we know how the hotel is constantly busy and we appreciate you taking a moment to answer our questions. We look forward to our next visit to bellisimo Pietra Di Luna hotel!

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