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The ultimate travel clothes creator!

Got lucky enough to sit with the creator of the ultimate travel dress that can be made into 20 different outfits and now she has launched the Capsule Wardrobe, which consists of 6 items that can create more than 100 outfits allowing women to travel indefinitely!

1. Tell us your story. How did your brand come about and what inspired you to create it?

It has been quite an interesting journey to build Kameleon Rose as i was on a very different path . I actually studied Medicine in the UK. I became a doctor in 2008 and worked as a Doctor for 3 years. Being a doctor is an amazing job if you can totally commit to it. I just felt that medicine was not my life. This probably seems crazy after I had done it for 8 years. I believe that life is about living and we spend most of our life working so we must be happy with our work. I decided to leave medicine in 2011 with no concrete plan. Everyone including my friends and family thought I was crazy.

It was a tough decision to make as I was leaving everything I knew. I decided to go traveling around the world for one year.

It was a wonderful trip filled with life changing experiences. I got to see everything form a new angle. The longer I travelled the more I gravitated towards textiles and fashion.

I discovered a true passion for clothing, I began to interview travelers about their traveling clothing and listening to their needs.

I realized there was a real gap in the market for stylish functional clothing for travelers. The seed was planted and It just grew in my head. The first product I designed was the Kameleon.

I was sat down for a picnic in my summer dress. I wanted to just sit as I wished and felt restricted by my dress. I had a Eureka moment and I thought ‘what if I added buttons to the hem’ I grabbed some buttons sewed them on and closed up my dress. I pulled it down to form trousers then I just couldn’t stop flipping it all sorts of ways. From that moment, I knew I wanted to create Kameleon Rose, a brand creating adaptable clothing for travelers.

However, I had no fashion experience, no business skills but I had an idea.

I was determined to make it happen, at the end of the around the world trip I moved to Madagascar a country I had loved since I first went in 2007 as a volunteer. Madagascar has a recognized textile trade.

I learn to sew in a local school and made the first prototypes, I then shared them with traveling friends the feedback I got was awesome. People really loved the product and encouraged me! Since that beginning we have grown so much it has been a challenging and rewarding journey!

2) Tell us about these "convertible clothes" How did you come up with the concept?

The idea of Kameleon Rose is we create freedom for women so you can pack less and travel more. Every product is multi-functional and stylish so you can wear them everywhere!

The capsule wardrobe is our new collection that we have just released, 6 items make over 100 outfits and are all perfect for traveling. I designed the new collection because i am a traveler and i see what us traveling women need. We love to talk to our customers and hear what they want. The entire re-design of the Ultimate Travel Dress was by customers!

3) We love your designs! What can we expect to see in the future? I don't know how much to give away! We will be expanding our range to give you more and more products you need whilst traveling never forgetting stylity (style + functionality) !

We will also bring you some exciting products perfect for the beach and summer!

4) What are your brand dreams from here on out? I have a pretty big dream, we would love to be the place that female travelers around the world come to to get everything they need for their journey, we would love to be able to support the female traveling community in many ways, so we can use each other skills; get advice , get shelter and support and have a lot of fun together!

5. Tell us about the materials you create the clothes with and how do you stay ethical?

We manufacture using durable materials so they can last throughout the wear and tear of travel. Because our products are multi functional you can wear them all year round and they never go out of fashion.

We product in a factory that has WRAP certification which means that the conditions in the factory are fair to the worker and the environment. We also work with a social project in Madagascar taking children in need on trips so they can have freedom. Our vision for the future is to increase our social impact, and provide more trips to children and use even more sustainable materials.

Thank you for your time Leila and we look forward to your new creations!

Check out their website for the latest designs at

Wanna see some of their latest designs? I was lucky enough to wear them to my Amalfi coast trip:

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