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Incanto Creazioni Eventi - International Event planner in the Amalfi Coast

Interview with Cristina, the CEO of Incanto Creazione eventi

How did Incanto Creazione eventi start and what does it mean to you?

Incanto Creazioni Eventi was born as a challenge.

Being a wedding planner has always been my dream. But I haven’t been brave enough to make it come true so far. For a long time I spent most of my time looking for “my place in the world“ in other fields, but I didn’t feel happy with my old jobs. Suddenly something’s changed and I’ve realized i needed a chance to prove myself in this field. SoI started...basically for fun.

Later, on my way, I met my teacher Melina Mirenghi. She is now one of my esteemed colleague. I’ve attended with her a course that gave me the opportunity to open my mind on how this field really works.

She’s always been my supporter and my mentor.

Incanto Creazione Eventi means for me INDEPENDENCE and FUTURE. I can really say my hopes have come true. I’m truly enthusiastic and I’m so excited to carry on with my business, hoping to improve and expand it day by day towards wider territories.

What sets Incanto Creazione eventi apart from other event planner companies in the area and the country?

I think that each Wedding Planner has its own style, and each territory has its own peculiarities. What makes Incanto Creazione Eventi different, is the constant research of original details and the accurate organization of every event where many aspects like customer’s expectations, territory, and traditions need to be taken into consideration.

Understanding the needs and tastes of my customers deeply, allows me to get closer to their desires. My creative and technical contribution simply transforms their dreams into a real project.

Tell us about your team and how are they unique from other planners.

To get a perfect work every single time is very important to rely on experienced and talented professionals.

My team is made up of important personalities. First of all my teacher and colleague Melina Mirenghi ( with whom I’ve been working for a long time, and a great number of professionals of the industry. I totally trust and admire them so that there is always a good synergy and creative exchange.

For Ari & Gian's wedding celebration, for example, in order to complete the creative project, I worked closely with Maria Starace, "L'arte del Fiore Starace" ( 267186796711180 /? Pnref = about.overview) a professional floral artist who has amazingly interpreted the lines of an elegant floral design but with a touch of wildness in which the delicacy of the blue hydrangeas is balanced perfectly with the eryngium, put together in soft and refined compositions.

How did you help Ari&Gian for their wedding?

For their wedding, Arianne and Gianluca wished for an event that would reunite their families and friends from all over the World. It was a unique party that fused different cultures in the magical setting of Amalfi Coast. They wanted a celebration that told about them, their story, their life and their love for journeys and adventures, something natural but classy at same time. It was just the journey that allowed them to meet each other.

That’s why I designed for them the handmade invitation cards. A project that would have absorbed all the guests in the colors and scents of Amalfi Coast. That’s the reason why I chose yellow and blue as colors and the predominant elements of majolicas and lemons.

The second step was to coordinate the various vendors, to manage the transfers for all the guests and to simplify the logistic aspect of the day.

For the creative project I followed the wishes of the bride and groom, so all my work concerned: the flowers set up in the church, the setting up for the wedding reception for which I worked in collaboration with the good team of Torre Normanna, the welcome table, the place cards and finally the packaging of the original favors realized by the bride’s mother. The last one kept in handmade boxes that reminded the blue of the sea.

The most important part was to coordinate the wedding day, to move guests from hotels to church and then to the location, to mediate among many plurilingual guests and to manage most of the important moments in general.

I definitely think a wedding planner becomes, on the special day, a director. Behind the brides and grooms’ dreams there is a great effort and responsibility. The most satisfying moment for a wedding planner is the cutting of the cake.

Just right then…when they finally smile you know you made a great job!

What is next for Incanto Creazione eventi ?

The area where I work is full of potentialities thanks to the variety of landscapes, from the amazing Sorrento and Amalfi Coast to the history and art of cities such Naples and Caserta including rural and natural landscapes of our suburbs. Of course without forgetting good food, music traditions and the highest standards of local crafting.

My main task is to take advantage of all these resources and put them at the service of my customers, especially foreign couples who choose Italy as destination for their Special Day. My research is constantly evolving. I always try to let my clients and their guests being captured from the unforgettable postcard of colors, flavors, and scents.

Be focused on this Kind of customers will be for sure my next step. By exploiting my solid linguistic and cultural skills, as well as in the wedding planning field, I would like to become a reference point for foreigner couples who dream about an Italian wedding. It is well-known that "italians do it better" .. Of course, I’m talking about events : D

More of Incanto Creazione Eventi's creations for our wedding:

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