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A snowy spring in the Dolomites!

We loved experiencing Hotel Villa Kastelruth in the winter and enjoyed everything from skiing to snowboarding and snow hikes, we sat down with their manager Barbara who offered some insight of this hotel and it's year-round adventure options!

What unique experiences do you offer in the Spring/Summer? In summer time we do have a private guide who does 3 times a week a hike with our clients. And we are partners of alps activ

What is unique about Villa Kastelruth and it's location? Our hotel is 113 years old, the stair case is under cultural protection because of the age, we are not allowed to increase – witch is very good, because we will be for ever a historical house – and we are the only ones in the center of Castelrotto with a garden and a swimming pool outside.

One of our personal favorites is how every day the menu changes so much while staying home made and delicious. How do you keep Villa Kastelruth hotel ethical and as Eco-friendly as possible?

We use, as you noticed, many local products – e.g. eggs are from Schlernhof, most of the offered juices are from a farmer here from Castelrotto. We have good variation in the menu, still we do not offer fruits and vegetables out of season, or dry to avoid them as much as possible. (like strawberries in winter, you won’t find in our menu – or apples not grown in South Tyrol) And we are buying everything from South Tyrolian companies.

That is fantastic to hear!! What comforts can the guests look forward to when visiting your hotel?

Besides the already jacuzzi, heated pool, relaxation room and sauna area we are building a second sauna in our garden. And from next winter on we offer a bus shuttle for free in the morning between 08:15 and 10.15 to the ski lift.

Thank you Barbara and your wonderful team for the hospitality. We look forward to visiting you once more and discovering the beautiful Villa Kastelruth hotel and the area in the summer!

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