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A weekend adventure with Alpland GmbH tours

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your tours? I come from Finnish Lapland, I live in the Alps and I´m the majority owner of Swiss based travel company Alpland GmbH. We organize individual and small group tours to the Alps and Lapland with a personal touch, we cater companies in theme based locations and we tailor special products for other tour operators.

What would you say it is the most rewarding thing as a tour operator? ​It all starts from the perspective of helping. We are effective, fast and we know our locations thoroughly. To us it´s all about making everything run smoothly during your visit and trip organized by us.

What is your favorite destination for relaxation in Switzerland? ​Our theme based location for relaxation is the hidden gem called Leukerbad in Valais. Over there you are guaranteed to unwind and relax in various thermal baths and the surrounding nature.

How do you keep your tours ethical and eco friendly?

We believe and support locality. We have chosen to take our clients to authentic destinations where people are friendly, human and like us believe in personal service to the fullest. To us it's also important that tours are not filled with everything and anything, we give you the client options to work on.

How do you keep Alpland Tours authentic?

Authenticity to us means personal service and over-exceeding expectations. We are present with our visitors and give them as much time as they request. What our client demands, we deliver. We also work on select locations, not in all locations.

Any recommendations when traveling to Switzerland and Finland?

Plenty. Our themed locations in Original Lapland and in Swiss Alps are the ones to visit! Whether you like to feel the top breeze of Titlis and Schilthorn, chill in Leukerbad, see the Santa in Arctic Circle or enjoy the Lappish calmness in the wilderness, we take you there.

Anything you'd like to add...

Want to experience something unique in the Alps and Lapland? Alpland GmbH will tailor your journey to the detail. Contact Tuomas Hietala Alpland GmbH +41 78 704 66 67

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