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The Five best Self- care wellness activities in Colorado Springs

The Five best Self- care wellness activities in Colorado Springs

Let me start right away by saying I am not a huge sports girls. I love being in touch with nature, I love the feel of fresh air but I also am the biggest sucker for being pampered in a luxurious setting. Colorado Springs is a great combination of both!

Although many more in the books, here is a small taste of my top 5 activities to do in Colorado Springs that aren't only outdoorsy but also luxurious!

  1. Golf & Spa Weekend at Cheyenne Mountain Resort- Treat yourself and your S.O to a weekend of pampering, golfing and of course delicious meals at this luxurious destination. You will feel in touch with nature as it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and gorgeous lakes. I recommend a casual lunch overlooking the green hills and the "Escape for Two" wellness package, it is a dream!

  1. Get your aquatic fitness on! Yes, really, even though Colorado isn't by the sea that couldn't stop you from getting some aqua fitness adventures. Thanks to Dragon Fly Paddle Yoga you can get a great workout while feeling balanced and centered, all while of course meeting some great people!

  1. Try Fly-fishing! No you don't have to stay in a tent under the rain and have to organize all yourself. Stay at the Broadmoor resort and everything from the cane, bait to the transport and best tips on how to fly fish. You also have a secluded area where can feel at peace with nature. You weren't able to catch much? Not to worry! They also organize a delicious dinner after your day out in nature.

4. Discover a new way of seeing wellness. Sometimes when we think of health and self-care we tend to separate the two as going to the doctor vs spa weekend. Colorado Springs offers an alternative way to marry the two in harmony. At the Garden of the Gods Collection they offer different and rich option to look into your personal wellness guided by actual trained experts. You have options such as "concierge cardiologist" to " nutritional therapy" and other enriching programs that can be tailored to your needs. All under one roof and all in the beautiful setting of Colorado Springs!

5.Attend a healing event at the SunWater Spa. You don't have to travel across the world to find your inner self and meet some of the most inspiring people. The SunWater Spa has events year round where philosophers, healers and other educators from the best Ashrams around the world come together. You don't have to be a guest there to participate and best of all they also won't break the bank! They have affordable prices and even events to include children. Because it is never too early to find inner peace!

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