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The Perfect book for travel lovers

I am quite the voracious reader and love finding and losing myself when I read. However since Valentina was born I unfortunately hadn't had much time to read and wasn't even looking for a new novel when "The Perfect Girlfriend" just fell into my lap. It is a psychological thriller told from the point of view of Juliette, a young woman who is obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Nate. Think of the feeling of thrill "Eyes Wide Shut" gives you with some of the disturbing feel of clock work orange, all wrapped up traveling around the world. It is the perfect book to read while cuddled up under your airplane blanket with your travel pillow around your neck and those perfect soft socks on. Add a cup of hot chocolate and you are set.I read it between our hiking trip (pictured ) as well as in the many nursing hours I have had with Valentina, including some at 3am. A bit scary I must say at that time of the night, but so very exciting, there were times I found myself wanted to yell out loud at the characters! You really feel connected.

I do warn you it is going to totally going to grasp you, I have never read a love story so twisted and delicious at the same time. Juliette truly loves Nate and believes they are meant to be together – if only he believed this too. The tension is palpable throughout and it is a total page turner! I don't want to spoil it for you but I will mention it is a #1 international bestseller and was named one of 20 new books to read in March by, so don't take only my word for it and go check it out yourself and be sure to come back and leave a comment on your thoughts, I look forward to know your reactions and your favorite moments!

Cuddling Valentina while catching up on my reading!

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