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Eco-friendly practices in Maui we can all learn from.....

I was pleasantly surprised to see how environmentally and ethically aware Maui in Hawaii is. I knew Hawaii as a whole had banned sunscreen that wasn't reef-safe and that was great, but landing in this island made me realize their Eco-conscious practices went much further. Airport wasn't blasting the AC and had incorporated mostly open spaces.

We of course came prepared and brought our very own Babo Botanicals reef safe sunscreens:

We loved seeing that almost every single restaurant and bar had only paper straws and not any single use plastic cups. (except Starbucks - get your shit together already!)

Here we are at Mala Tavern with their paper straws they offered and our GoSili reusable straw we always carry around:

Walking into our hotel right away I felt the connection with nature in all of the materials they built it with but also how the lobby didn't have AC blasting, they offered juices in Eco-plastic cups. They also offered all guests a generous sample of reef-safe sunscreen. We also just loved the Hawaiian authentic feeling:

Loving Napili Kai Resort wearing my favorite top by LNBF

I brought along with me some of my favorite pieces by LNBF (Leave Nothing But Footprints) clothing, which offers bamboo based textiles. Which besides being the most delicious feel fabrics they are actually great for the environment. Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable resources. It is the fastest growing grass, it can grow up to 119 cm in 24 hours and does not require replanting after harvesting due to it's vast root network. It also has antimicrobial properties which eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers, so it is beneficial for the environment.

We also visited the Aquarium. I am a big believer in animal captivity should be avoided but was seriously impressed with their ethical practices. Absolutely no dolphins, whales or any other large mammals that do not belong in captivity. They also have constant rotation of animals back to the ocean.

Last but not least the lack of plastic bags. There were none we saw at our hotel, no plastic option at the supermarkets and even when taking away from restaurants no awful Styrofoam. Seriously WELL DONE MAUI! Hoping the rest of the USA follows in your footsteps!

What are some Eco-friendly practices you discovered in your last trip that you wish your home town practiced? Leave a comment!

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