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Presets... Do I need them? What are they?

I have to say although I have been part of the Instagram family for about 4 years now I have not once used a preset. I guess one can say you don't actually need them to own an Instagram account, are they a total game changer once you do start using them? I have to say oh heck yes!! I only started editing my pictures with them a couple of days ago but I am already seeing the response from my followers and how uniform my account is going to look. Let's be honest, when you stumble upon a beautifully curated account, we all tend to click "follow" much more than a regular one. Even an account only posting chairs, cups and rug corners can look so beautiful with the right presets! I am in total awe of what they can do.

These are just a few first time tries:

I personally chose 123 Presets as they are affordable and offer a truly wide range of options. From being a mom kinda of poster, traveler to even different seasons of the year 123 presets offers amazing beautifully curated options! Another reason, is 123 presets is saving me TIME! precious time I barely have left now a days to even edit a photo before posting it. I don't have to worry about anything. Just click and it is perfectly beautifully edited! I have a 30% discount code called WINTER30 you can use if you want to go ahead and get them, they are already affordable but on top of their holiday offer they have going on feel free to use the code and get an even better deal! Click here using WINTER30 as a discount code and start editing away!


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