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What goes into planning an Italian wedding from abroad

Part I - The Hotels

When you receive a wedding invite you most likely will get a little card with “recommended hotels.” You will get one main partner, and at the most one more alternative option. Well, forget that here! My wedding website has about 8 recommendations, and I will tell you why.

Although some areas of Italy have big hotels, those are scarce and limited to large cities. For the most part, anyone looking to marry in Tuscany or another picturesque area will be most likely stuck with tiny hotels, passed down by generations with owners that have no idea nor desire to understand what do “room blocks” or “discount for guests” means.

I am personally marrying in the Amalfi Coast. One of the most stunning and popular destinations of Italy. Used to dealing with tourists and weddings, I assumed they would be used to dealing with the idea of blocking rooms, but why would I ever assume this nonsense!? Not only are most hotels not willing to block rooms but they are shocked by the idea of me asking for a small discount in exchange for filling up their hotels completely. The standard answer I have gotten is: “Not only we aren’t offering you a discount, we are actually almost fully booked, so I recommend if you want a room to start booking now.” This is… ten months before the wedding when most of my guests aren’t even considering booking anything yet!

Now, after intense months of search, countless unanswered emails and hundreds of phone calls, we are four months before and I have manage to work with a couple of lovely families that own small hotels in the area and willing to collaborate with the idea. I recommend you pick up the phone, pick up the phone again and be extra ultra patient. Italians do come through...... but at their own time.

Stay tuned for my next hair pulling inducing Italian wedding planning quirk and how I fixed it.

A la prossima!

PS: If you are planning a wedding the Amalfi coast here are some hotels I recommend: (pictured)


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