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Backstage of on location shoot - Milan Italy

Anything can happen when shooting outdoors! Most photographers (and models) prefer an indoor studio style controlled environment shoot. Not me, I like to be out where the action is capturing as real moments as one can possibly can. For this shoot I had an amazing team (without an amazing team an outdoor shoot is doomed anyways) and loads of fun! Photographer was talented Riccardo Torri from Milan who captured all of these backstage moments. Makeup was done by Laura

Our stylist, Jessica chen from New York brought gorgeous designs by famous designers, including one who often dresses FLOTUS Mrs. Michelle Obama: Laura Smalls

First look by Vincent Li , sitting on the steps by Duomo, people stare...just stare back ;)

With the photographer's assistant, on the edge of breaking after 12 hours of holding up lights and reflectors... He was such a good sport!

Candid beautiful moment playing with a pashmina in the sunrise light

Shoe changes, oh so so many shoe changes.

Stand still woman!

Yet another shoe change, right on the tram stop, why not!

We encounter these awesome set of Moncler guys at Duomo, the outcome of the photos together are amazing! Can't wait to show you guys. Stay tuned on Instagram for them.

Sometimes you just have to kneel in a gorgeous designer dress in the middle of the street because they simply can't reach you #giantproblems

Walking to location among the crowd. Pictured here: Makeup artist, jewelry designer, stylist and of course that giant is me :-)

Time for a change of look..again, just sit in the street wherever you are.

Finally, when the light is perfect, makeup and hair are done and shoot is happening.. a chicken appears! Because yes...who doesn't need a chicken in their glamorous shoot next to the Duomo in Milan?

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