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Valpolicella... rings a bell?

Everyone has heard of Tuscany but the Valpolicella area is a more undiscovered and authentic place for wines. Perhaps you have heard of their popular “Amarone” wine? It happens to be one of my favorites ones and it happens to be produced exclusively in this small northern region of Italy in the Veneto area.

We were fortunate enough to have a private tour and adventure with the oldest tour company in the area: Valpolicella Tours One of the 12 recognized oldest families and true “Amarone Classico creators” it was an absolute pleasure to be given a tour by them.

We started by being hosted in their beautiful “wine suite” in the center of Verona. All of the amenities of a luxury hotel with the comfort and space of home.

The tour started with a visit to one of the oldest olive oil producers in the world. 500 year old Villa Arvedi where we got to experience and see live the production. We were lucky as the only time of the year to see this live is November – December every year. At Villa Arvedi we also took a private tour inside the chambers where one can feel the grandiose epoque. Entering their ballroom decorated from floor to ceiling in stunning frescoes I felt transported back in time. I could picture the ballgowns, the music and the flickering candlelight before my eyes. It was a magical experience.

Our next stop was Brigaldara winery to visit their vineyards and do wine and olive oil tasting. Here is where we tried some of the best Amarone wines we have ever had! We also learned how to pair them with cheeses and other foods, it was so interesting!

Valpolicella Tours also provided us with a fun and informative cooking course and a visit to downtown Verona. It is a magical city as it is but seeing it in the Christmas season with all the lights and decorations it became my favorite time of the year to visit it.

I highly recommend to pay a visit end of November and catch the autumn feel with the Christmas decorations. Get to enjoy the wine and olive oil production while beating the crowds.

Delicious Wine and Cheese tasting. Everything you see here is Km ZERO! Couldn't be more sustainable!

Did you know Amarone producers have a particular way of drying the grapes in order to get the particular flavor?

Cheers Laura!! Our wonderful hostess that taught us all about wine and food pairing

Learning the wonders of olive oil production

The Gorgeous Villa Arvedi - Did you know they filmed "Letters to Juliet" here?

The beautiful Castle of Verona

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Did you know the 1st macaroon derived from Italy?

Ciao Ciao Bella Verona!

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