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Our Amalfi Wedding

One would think an ex-event planner that has two years to plan a wedding in the same country she lives in shouldn't have much of an issue correct? Well, at least that is what I assumed... Planning my own wedding taught me so so much, and even though it ended up being a beautiful day I can say I wouldn't have gotten there without help.. lots and lots of help.

So first I want to thank my amazing family (both sides) for helping and my amazing bridesmaids. There was so much running around in the days before the wedding that once I literally said hi to one of a bridesmaid I hadn't seen in over 5 years while sprinting through the street of Maiori! She was the best sport, she just smiled, grabbed some of the bags I was holding and ran along with me.... I have similar stories like this of so many people, I can't begin express how thankful I am for everyone's love and help. Most people weren't only guests, but truly helping hands all along the journey.

I have been asked about a few things that we featured on the wedding so I decided to write about them and share some pictures of our wedding day with you:

A few of my favorite things:

Photographer: Kinga Leftska

Invitations: Incanto Creazione

Champagne at first toast & Cake : Champagne De Watere

Bride & Bridesmaids Robes: Love & Peony

Yacht transport from Church to Venue: Exclusive Cruises Capri

Blue Prosecco for Bachelorette & welcome drinks: Blumond Saraceni

Wedding Venue: Who also provided the meal and cake : Ristorante Torre Normanna

Flower girls shoes & traditional confetti giveaway: E-Agapi

Ring bearer personalized sign:

Flower crowns and boutonnieres: Boutique Di Kris

Makeup by Luisa Festa

Bride & Bridesmaids Hair by: Vanessa Fierro

Garter piece by: Garterfell

Bridesmaids bags by: Z Create Design

Flower girls Jewelry: Ingnell Jewelry (pearl earrings & bow bracelet)

Bridesmaids Jewelry: Steamy Lab

Hairpiece design: Lola Sevares

Tableau Decorations by: Loobie Design

If there is anything I missed that you are curious to know or any tips any bride-to be my need I am happy to help!

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