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A have-it-all Honeymoon destination in the Maldives

I couldn't say enough about our Lux* South Ari Atoll honeymoon. It was a dream from start to ending. The way the staff warmly welcomes you with a cool scented towel makes you feel at ease right away. The check in means sitting in a stunning lobby sipping on cool beverages enjoying the breeze and the views. It feels as you are already on holiday from the moment you set foot on the island.

We had the half-board meal option and it was perfect for us. A huge buffet is served at two beautiful restaurants at breakfast by the sea that had everything from freshly baked croissants that would melt in your mouth to even exotic Asian dishes in case you were feeling adventurous. Everything fresh and they offer all the fruits and varied options you could imagine.

Dinners where also filled with endless opportunities to choose from and we felt like we needed more nights there (4 was great but I recommend at least 5) There was Mediterranean, Italian (REAL Italian amazing chef from Torino), Asian, and even a few great Mexican dishes! I wish I had more nights to try more places. Most people say after a few nights you get bored by doing nothing in the Maldives but this wasn't the case at all at this resort and most guests we spoke to during our stay shared the same feeling.

You can of course do nothing and enjoy the views but if you feel adventurous the are many sports and activities to try out and even a night club with an awesome dj! Our favorite thing to do was whale shark diving, it is a must try! We got lucky to see whale sharks twice during our search and it quickly became one of my life's favorite moments... we will never forget the feeling. Another few favorite options are sea turtle snorkeling and kayaking.

We also haven't even spoken of the rooms.. ohhhh THE rooms! We had the chance to do 2 nights in the water villas and 2 nights in the romantic pool villa. They were both amazing! They are huge, modern amenities and so many extra perks. I recommend the water villa for its beautiful bathtub and over the water net where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and a more secluded feeling. Alternatively the romantic pool villa has a private pool and felt closer to most activities enjoyed in the resort. I am also big on Eco-friendly and I was pleasantly surprised at how much they care for the environment.

They have so many recycled items, and they even have a workshop for kids and teenagers on recycle and upcyle cool stuff from lamps to decorations etc.. It was so much more than just the average "turn off the lights and we change bed-sheets every two days" it was TRULY commitment to the environment that left us positively impressed!

I could go on and on on this place! It was truly a memorable experience and perfect honeymoon destination! Thank you Lux South Ari Resort and can't wait for our next visit! We will surely come back

Bikinis & Cover-ups: Cia. Maritima Italia

Flip-Flops: Luxury & Blush

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